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Seventeen-year-old Ruby is a Fireblood who has concealed her powers of heat and flame Murder and Mayhem is more than a handy reference guide for writers. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys learning about the functions of the human body in an entertaining fashion. This book is at once wise, informative, funny, factually reliable, and accessible.

I was fascinated to learn what makes the skin under punched eyes turn black and what it means to have the wind knocked out of you.


And now, thanks to Doug Lyle, I have all the resources at my fingertips to write convincingly about more forms of murder and death than you can shake a severed cervical vertebrae at Barbara Seranella, author of the Munch Mancini crime novels. Doug Lyle has an unerring ability to diagnose what it is writers need to know in answer to their questions about forensic medicine. With his help, crime fiction writers will be able to write more realistic scenes.

His fascinating replies to questions writers have posed to him are precise and clearly stated, so that while he'll provide the medical terms you want, he'll also give the definitions you need. Within these pages, you'll alsomfind a number of common myths dispelled. His column has long been a favorite with the professional mystery writers in our chapter of Mystery Writers of America, and now you can benefit from them, too Jan Burke, author of Bones, Flight, Hocus, Liar, Remember Me, Irene, and Goodnight, Irene.

Table Of Contents. Doctors, Hospitals, Illnesses, and Injuries.

Traumatic Injuries and Their Treatment. Can a Person with Broken Ribs Swim? What Are the Symptoms of a Concussion? What Injuries Occur in a Fall onto Rocks? Environmental Injuries and Their Treatment. What is the Treatment for Dehydration? Doctors, Hospitals, and Paramedical Personnel. Can X-Ray Films be Copied? It got really repetitive and old after awhile. Also, did anyone else think of The Two Gentlemen of Altona while reading this one? The two books struck me as really similar.

Petty criminals getting involved in murder and getting it on with the cop involved in the case? They both had similar sort of sarcastic senses of humor, and I just kept thinking of that book while reading this one, though the plots have little in common otherwise. Finally, I think I just wanted the characters to open up more.

I'm guessing we'll get more of that in the next few books, but I felt a little disconnected from the guys, emotionally.

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In the end, I finished this read with a smile on my face, and it was a no-brainer to round up to 4 stars. There is a ton of potential there. View all 6 comments. I have liked, and almost loved, quite a few of her books, but I hadn't yet found one that was perfect! And I think I think this one is IT. We have a mystery! We have fantastic pace and length of the story. And lastly we have humor! So Rook is a reformed thief. He now owns a shop where he buys and sells movie memorabilia.

He found his grandfather late in life and cousins and aunts and such, but he doesn't really hang out with them , and he has his shop assistant Char.

Murder and Mayhem in Muskego

Rook however was an 'honest' thief, and he has quite a few 'known associates' that will help him, since he's a good guy with a GREAT snarky attitude! But otherwise he's living a pretty sparse excistence. So yeah, they definitely have history; not only was it a game of cat and mouse, but they almost slept together, during the 'original' case, 5 years ago in a dark back-room, with no knowledge of who they were about to smex it up with. When the story begins, Rook finds an 'old' enemy, dead in his shop, and suddenly he is on the run.

The chemistry between Rook and Dante Luckily they don't get straight to the smexy times, they actually take their time, and go back and forth. Here Rhys was definitely true to the characters and the parameters that were set for them, and it worked so well for their history and their traits. They are both snarky, and Rook can be quite douchey, but with his origin story it doesn't surprise me. However they work as a couple, since both are stubborn and BOTH give as good as they get.

The mystery part also really worked for me. I had not guessed where it was going, and while the bodies are piling up, Rook and Dante have to figure out how to move forward, fight for what they want and trust each other, all the while Rook's grandfather is 'trying to help'. Dante's uncle Manny also makes an appearance once in a while, and he was just such a great counterpoint to Rook's grandfather.

The story actually only takes place over a few days, but it felt like longer, since the pace and the choices for the MCs were spot on. And because Rook and Dante has history the 'insta-something', never felt out-of-place or like a magic solution -IMO. I was entertained throughout, I laughed a lot, and I loved all of the characters. It is clear though, that we do not have all of Rook's story yet his mother and his 'adventures' as a carnie , and I'm pretty sure something will also come up with the waste of space that is Dante's parents. I truly hope though, that this will not be another: I-forgive-all-your-disgustingness-just-because-you-put-me-in-this-world!

But as for the rest of it: The next book of the series will be a one-click-buy And just a side-note: Could you PLEASE for the love of all that is holy: when you have a story connected to another story, just mention it in the blurb or something? Just add it to the blurb goddammit! View all 20 comments. Written September 27, 3. Sorry to say this was pretty fun and nice but it didn't hook me. All set in a quite depressing not glamorous LA Hollywood. With… whatever. With anything. You know that, right? Dying hard?

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It was an interesting book to read, but not totally engrossing for me, I had some trouble getting really invested in the story and the love triangle made it not easier. View all 5 comments. Medications and Drugs. Bottom line: lot's of fun. Despite the kind of person Bond becomes, I felt for him; I really did.

All of that shit. Not bad but not surprising or with an outstanding fresh storyline either. Maybe I've done to many RF books in this genre by now. It is a bit the same every time. You know: much explicit sex, fun bantering, exciting action, bombs and gunshots, deadly enemies and two very sexy and charming characters more or less molded from the same two tins in each series. We will see View all 32 comments.

Feb 21, Jenni Lea rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. As with all of Rhys Ford's books, I loved every minute of this. I loved the characters in this book. I adored Dante to pieces and Rook, although he irked me at first, really grew on me by the end, especially when he finally let his walls come tumbling down.

The secondary characters were, as always, outstanding. Manny and Archie were terrific side characters. Even Hank was well fleshed out and interesting. The storyline was fast paced and wholly entertaining. I read this with glee. At first I was a bit disappointed by that but now I'm just smug about being smart enough to figure it out so quickly.

I'm so glad this is the start of a new series. I can't wait to see where Rhys takes these two. I hope we get more Archie and Rook interaction in future books. That dynamic works so well and intrigues me to no end. Highly recommend to everyone 4. I don't even know what this is going to be about but I do know I'm going to devour it when it comes out.

Crap, I'm gonna need a bigger spoon. View all 7 comments.

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Jan 22, Diana rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , turning-pages-buddy-read. Once I settled down, I did enjoy the story, especially the main characters, Dante and Rook. Homicide Detective Dante Montoya hoped he would never see Rook Stevens again, except in jail, even with their history. I did overall enjoy the story. Hot sexy scenes, likeable secondary characters and I was cracking up at the banter between them. Happy Reading!

View all 16 comments. Apr 20, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: mm-contemporary , secondary-characters-were-memorable , mysteries-thrillers-crime-etc , broken-boys , enemies-to-lovers , star-crossed , police-officers-federal-agents-etc , wrote-a-review. Rhys Ford has so far been a mixed bag for me.

I love her Sinners series , but didn't enjoy the Cole McGinnis series. So I went in to 'Murder and Mayhem' not knowing what to expect. I'm happy to report that it was a total win! The murder mystery was very entertaining. It wasn't convoluted, and it kept me guessing. The plot was fast-paced, and had a fair bit of action. But it was all believable, and didn't have the hectic feeling that turned me off the Cole McGinnis series. I really liked the seconda Rhys Ford has so far been a mixed bag for me. I really liked the secondary characters. Hank, Dante's partner, was a bit of an bumbling idiot, but not to the point where I'd question why he was a cop.

Manny was an amazing stand-in parent for Dante, and I really hope that Rook finds him a good date. But it was Archie who really made an impression. Sure, Grandpa's a bit of a dick and borderline homophobic, but he's funny and he obviously cares for Rook. I'm looking forward to meeting him again in the sequels. Ford has a formula when writing her main characters.

One of the MCs is usually a hot alpha top who's not averse to falling in love, and the other is a broken man who'll try to run as far as he can from his feelings. It's a formula that works well, and Ford uses enough variations that her characters don't feel like photocopies from book to book. I loved the chemistry between Rook and Dante.

MurderMayhem&More | Thrilling Crime & Sci-Fi Fiction

The enemies-to-lovers trope, and the backstory of the one-night-stand-that-almost-was, had me hooked from page one. I've got a good feeling about this new series! View all 5 comments. May 10, Susan rated it really liked it. Hellllzzzz yeah! Let me at it! I knew this would be a slam dunk. I really enjoy how the author lays out a mystery…details, timelines, suspects. Where does she come up with these ideas?! But damn, this kid has a soft side that I was dying to get at. Enter Dante. Dante is a detective who at one time was on the case after Rook.

I liked these 2 so much. But I wanted them together and I wanted them to open up and be vulnerable with each other. And it was a treat. The mystery was also fun to read and honestly, this world the author builds withing a contemporary context is pretty cool. By the end, I felt bashed over the head with those words. But…small small thing. Oil and water. Day and night. Inherent enemies to be forever at odds. Despite wanting to put Rook away, Dante grudgingly admits that Rook still has high principles regardless of his criminal past.

This is when the Ford formula works. Add mystery and suspense while the protagonists mainly work against each other in solving the whodunit. To keep things lively, throw in one funny cantankerous partner, an equally grouchy grandpa, and a loveable ex drag queen uncle, and this was all sorts of good entertainment. To sum it up - smexy smex, feels, and action with penultimate proclamations equals success. I'm going short and sweet on this one While this is definitely one of the best audio books I've heard in a while.

Greg Tremblay was the narrator and as always he did a superlative job with this one and yes, I could probably babble on more about how awesome the narration was but if you've ever listened to any of his audio books than chances are you know exactly of what I speak and if you haven't all I can say is 'seriously? I'mma just sayin' ; Now as for the story. I've had this one on my TBR list since forever It's Rhys Ford, she's an auto buy for me and my only problem here was 'what the hell was I thinking waiting so long to get to this book.

Insanity, I tell you. It was pure and utter insanity on my part. Dante Montoya is the cop who wants to finish the job his former partner started and put him behind bars, so they've got history together both professional and personal I loved this one the story was fast paced, the interaction between Montaya and Rook was filled with humor and snark. Add to that the fact that these two are seriously sexy as hell together and you've got a hit and I'm hooked.

Like I said my only issue is that I was foolish enough to wait this long before reading or listening as the case may be to this story View all 4 comments.