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beechwood-grove.co.uk/map24.php Durkin and Pomykal were instrumental in building the attack from midfield. The USA might have had a more attacking style of play, but the employed by Ecuador was helping them create chances as well.

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The formation was especially successful on the break when recapturing the ball off the USA. An example from the 30th minute will show how Ecuador were effective on the counter. USA attacked with all of their four midfielders and their full-backs, which left their wings exposed. Ecuador tried to exploit that with a swift counter-attack after getting the ball.

This can be illustrated with the goal in the 30th minute. After a USA attack, Ecuador cleared the ball and were in a duel to win the ball. Both full-backs were slowly making their way forward in case Ecuador started their swift counter-attack. In the image above you can see that Cifuentes has the ball and that the four players on the image are the four attacking players in the formation.

We're on the Ball

Because Ecuador came out quickly, only one USA midfielder Durkin could assist the defence, which left Ecuador with the advantage. Ecuador midfielder Cifuentes has different options going forward, but Campana on the right seems the hardest option as he is marked by three American defenders.

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"We're on the Ball" is a single by British pop duo Ant & Dec, released in Their second of three comeback performances since their musical career ended in. We're On The Ball Lyrics: They thought it was all over / But it's only just begun / The cup of eastern promise / In the land of the rising sun / Seemed a million miles .

Ecuador would have eight counter-attacks in this game, of which three would end with a shot on goal, scoring one of them. This quarter-final was a thrilling match between two equally equipped sides and, although being decided in the first half, it was an intense 90 minutes to watch. The USA had a strong attacking style of play, but their lack of big opportunities made it tough for them in this game. Ecuador, however, took most of their chances when they would break on the counter — and that saw them advance to the semi-final.

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What's the meaning of the phrase 'On the ball'?

Football fanatic. UEFA C. Popular articles. David Beckham and his red card redemption Long Reads June 28, Why this former Premier League club will bounce back at the The phrase is recorded in early records of cricket, golf, croquet and baseball and many people regard baseball as the origin.

Ant And Dec - We're On The Ball - World Cup 2002 Football England Song.

Well, that appears to be almost true - the earliest citation that I can find in print comes from the English game of rounders. The English novelist William Kingston wrote 'books for boys', and in published Ernest Bracebridge, or, Schoolboy Days , which includes this scene:. Ellis seized the bat with a convulsive clutch Remembering Ernest's advice, he kept his eye on the ball, and hit it so fairly that he sent it flying away to a considerable distance.

American readers will recognise the similarity of the rounders terminology with that of baseball.

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There's no consensus on this but there's a strong case to be made that baseball is in fact an English game, being merely a beefed-up variation of rounders. In , which is certainly before anyone is known to have played baseball in the USA, John Newbery, an English publisher and a man with a reasonable claim to be the originator of literature printed specifically for children, produced A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, intended for the Amusement of Little Master Tommy and Pretty Miss Polly.

That title sounds entirely suitable as the source of the rules of the game of rounders, which is played nowadays by children. Nevertheless, the book includes a graphic labelled Base-Ball , which shows men playing the game and which is accompanied by a rhyme that pretty much sums up the basics of both rounders and baseball:. The ball, once stuck off, Away flies the boy To the next destin'd post, And then home with joy. Baseball may or may not have been the origin of 'keep your eye on the ball', but it did take over the use of the phrase.

As well as as the batters 'keeping their eye on the ball', the pitchers were also said to 'put something on the ball', that is, they imparted some spin or curve on it. This usage dates from the start of the 20th century, for example, this piece from The Indianapolis Star , April The figurative version of the phrase 'on the ball', that is, with the meaning of being 'alert or apt' in a context where no actual ball is present, began later still.

In , W. Williams and J. Laughlin published Selected Letters , which contained an extract from a letter written Williams in Home Search Phrase Dictionary On the ball.