Crochet Pattern 30-Minute Infinity Scarves PB086

30-Minute Infinity Scarves Crochet Patterns
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During winter, what is better than to surround yourself with thick, cozy accessories that will keep you warm during the coldest nights? Not much. So indulge yourself in these amazing infinity scarves and stay warm throughout the chilliest winter nights. The pattern shows you how to make these neutral scarves that will look great with any outfit! Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 6 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. July 14, at pm.

July 15, at am. Picture is already down the bottom. The lovely lady from China, who I made it for, is modelling the finished scarf. July 15, at pm. July 18, at am. July 19, at am. July 20, at pm. My friends birthday is in a couple of weeks, she asked if she could have one in black. So I just need to find a nice bit of bit of wool blend for that. Also had an idea earlier tonight for a more frilly version, not sure if it will work out ok, but will pick up some stuff for that later this week. Will see how it goes. July 21, at am. July 26, at pm. So I did some digging around in the store looking for a fairly light ball and came up with a blend that was only 50g on a 40m ball, as well as some frilly stuff.

The frilly stuff is a synthetic product by Moda Vera called Jazz. There is a sparkly version of it called Tinka too. So picked up all the supplies in black. Added a picture already. No model this time, just a fairly close up shot of the back scarf on a white background. July 28, at am. July 28, at pm.

30-Minute Infinity Scarves PB086

You must go to the bathroom first, and take off your watch and big rings before you start. Enjoy it!! July 29, at am. August 1, at pm. What brand is the yarns that you were using in the video from? Where do you buy it? I live in Toronto, Canada. Thank you for the video girls, simple and clear!

August 4, at am. You should look for skeins that are approx. Hope this helps : greets.

What you need:

August 10, at pm. Could you please recommend something in the US other than Combo Himalaya? Thank you! August 11, at am. Greets :. August 20, at pm.


More from Maggie Weldon. Master the art of arm-knitting in this easy beginner's class. Each scarf is made with the crochet pattern, Bulky or Chunky weight yarn and a J 6. Crochet a ruffled crochet dress with matching bloomers and hat for any cute little girl. How to Arm Knit an Infinity Scarf simplydaisy 3 years back. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account.

Love this tutorial!! Made a scarf the other day and it came out great except my stitches came out loose and were not as tight as I would have liked them to be. If you have any tip as to how I could fix this please let me know. August 25, at pm. My 7 year-old daughter watched this with me and she knitted three scarfs… one for herself and couple to friends :. Great news! August 31, at pm. Do you have to knot two skeins together? Or how do I attach the other two? September 3, at pm.

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September 4, at am. It depends on how long your scarf will be. For a not-wrap version of the infinity scarf, two skeins will be enough, for a longer one you will need four. You just need to attach another skein with a simple knot and go on according to steps. September 5, at pm. If I buy those meters of wool do I have to buy to yarns to make the scarf? September 6, at pm. I found a couple of options at Walmart in California yesterday that were g and between yards.

Poly blends. I think they should work. September 7, at pm. September 15, at am. September 16, at am. September 17, at pm.

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September 18, at am. Hej Marta! September 18, at pm. What is the estimate length before casting off? I hate to cast off and not have enough or too much. Hey, all. You can find it on Amazon. So thick and comfy! September 19, at am. You need 4 skeins 40m each of bulky or super bulky yarn.

You knit with two strands at a time. When you finish with your first two skeins, simply tie another 2 to it and keep on knitting until you have about 1. Cast off and join both ends of scarf. Good Luck!

September 19, at pm. September 20, at pm. September 22, at pm. I found super bulky yarn from walmart for 9. Bernat is the brand and its Its super soft and affordable…just an FYI :. September 23, at pm. September 24, at am. If you decide to try let us know how it went. September 24, at pm. Just made one!!

September 25, at am. September 26, at pm. September 27, at pm. Just made one thanks for the tutorial. My wife enjoyed teasing me as I made it but was happy with the result :. September 29, at am. October 3, at am. Bernat makes a blanket yarn that is very soft and would be perfect for this project.

Mine wound up much looser knit due to having large hands, thick wrists, and not tightening the stitches much in the interest of being able to get it off my wrists. October 5, at am. How many times do you repeat on each hand? I followed the video exactly, but my scarf is only a few inches wide. They must be repeating on each hand much more than showed on the video. October 5, at pm. October 7, at am. HI, i am trying to identify the diameter on the yarn..

October 9, at am. For short version of Infinity Scarf 2 skeins will be enough, for longer one the one that is in the pictures above you will need 4. October 10, at pm. How long did you make the scarf? Did you measure it out for this long one or did you count rows? October 14, at am.

Crochet owl scarves

October 18, at pm. October 19, at pm. October 22, at pm.

Crochet Pattern Angel Abriel Doily PAR - Maggie Weldon • BookLikes (ISBN:B00BOZJQUA)

October 30, at am. I gave up after two rows and just made one out of large needles instead. Very disappointed. October 30, at pm. November 2, at pm. Which is the brand and details of that yarn? November 4, at pm. November 6, at pm. November 7, at pm. I did that with a lilac, orchid and a black yarn together for a fun twist.

November 8, at am. This is a great idea i have tried a few ways an can not get mine tight an it looks silly!? November 9, at am. How much is it long at the end?

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November 10, at pm. So happy with the result, and really handy tutorial!! Love it!!! November 11, at pm. November 12, at am. This is awesome! How many rows is it to make it that length? November 12, at pm. November 13, at pm. Ammber, you need to tie it harder when you switch a loop on another wrist. November 14, at am. November 16, at pm. November 17, at am. I got a huge ball of yarn which is plenty for one scarf.

How do you get it to be two strings of working yarn for this project? I just made my first one tonight! For such a long scarf as in our video you need 80m of yarn. Measure up this quantity from one skein 3times and use as one, chunky string to knit. Good luck! Bulky or super bulky of any brand you like. There are plenty yarns like this to get online, just look for bulky or super bulky :. Yep, you can cast on 9 loops and finish with rows, that should be enough for such a long scarf.

To make a single snood, make it 10rows long :. It should work: Good luck! November 18, at am. But thank you for letting me know. Find the end coming from the i side of the skein and the one loose on the outside. Put it in a heavy bowl or a bucket or box or trash can and pull both of those ends simultaneously.

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Each scarf is made with Bulky (or Chunky) weight yarn and a J ( mm) hook. The scarves are all crocheted lengthways and when. Crochet Pattern Minute Infinity Scarves PB - Kindle edition by Maggie Weldon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

I get stuck once I get to the point of looping my first loop to my left hand. How do you get it to tighten around like she does? It def it more than twice on each hand. It seems like several. I will plan on going till I feel like it is long enough. November 19, at am. November 20, at am. November 20, at pm. I would like to try this, but the instructions do not address how to change from one skein to the next or do you only use one, just double strands of super bulky or 4 of bulky, so there is no joining?

Thanks for answering — this looks like fun! November 21, at am. November 21, at pm. November 22, at am. Sorry I have NEVER attempted to knit of any kind : Please tell me how much total yarn, in as simple terms as possible I need to make this scarf as I am really trying my hand at it for my daughter in law : Please help me out. Thank you. Love this! It took me 1. Realized I was looping the wrong direction, which made it more loose than it should have been, but still turned out great!

I made mine with only 2 skeins, but the skeins I bought were 80yds each, which is probably why it worked. When you buy a skein the bundle of yarn you see her holding in the pics , it says on the packaging how many yards are in the bundle. Hope that helps!

November 23, at pm. Just did this. My biggest hang up was not getting the first row too tight. So I figured I would share it with you lovelies! I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions put them in the comments! Hey Everyone I really hope you enjoy my new video!!! I have just discovered that i really love knitting and hand-knitting. This is my version of the arm knitted infinity scarf. I only used one bundle of yarn and it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to make. Hope you enjoy! Comment and This is more concise than Version 1, and I've taken out the background music.

One of the easiest Arm knit patterns yet! No needles required for this technique! Here's a quick and easy way to make a nice, seamless infinity scarf. Arm Knitting: a Scarf in 30 Minutes? Ebooks and Manuals

Wall Street Journal 6 years back. Who needs needles? WSJ's Rachel Dodes shows you how to arm knit: a fast and easy way to get a chunky hand-made scarf. Don't miss a WSJ video, subscribe NEW Class! Master the art of arm-knitting in this easy beginner's class. In just 30 minutes, arm-knitting expert Amanda Bassetti of Simply Maggie teaches you how to knit the How to Arm Knit a Scarf in 30 Minutes!

BlueEyedJackson 5 years back. In this tutorial I will teach you an amazing way to arm knit a scarf in only 30 minutes. Ebooks and Manuals

It may seem hard at first, but soon you will be doing it in your sleep! The Yarn Sew this Infinity Scarf in less than 30 minutes! Beginner Project.