Stop Draggin My Heart Around

"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" - Stevie Nicks
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Iovine was doing a juggling act. While working with Petty, he had also been working with Stevie for her first solo album.

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"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" is a song by Stevie Nicks, the first single from her debut solo album, Bella Donna. The track is the album's only song that . Baby, you'll come knocking on my front door. [Chorus 1: Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty] Cover By Stop Draggin' My Heart Around by Loud Lucy (Ft.

He was really burning the candles at both ends and more than once arrived to the studio exhausted. Most likely, we would end up erasing that track if we needed it for another instrument later on. She got in front of the mike, put on her headphones and I started the tape. For the next hour or so, she sang the song several different ways, putting emphasis on certain phrases and changing her voice a little here and there. Finally, everyone was satisfied, and Stevie came back into the control room to listen back to what she had just recorded.

Sharon Van Etten and Shearwater cover “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”

To be totally honest, when the tape played back the song with just her vocals, it sounded just wrong to me. As an engineer, this is actually a problem, listening to something over and over again, you can lose all objectivity. He started mixing the vocals back and forth over different parts of the song.

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Sometimes Tom would sing the verse with Stevie on the chorus, or Stevie on the verse with Tom on the chorus. Everyone enjoyed the funny mixing and blending of the two voices.

Stevie Nicks - Stop draggin' my heart around

I remember thinking as I went home that it was kind of an interesting session. It was fun to work with Stevie Nicks.

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She was a pro from start to finish, and I was able to do something a little different that night. Then I forgot about it, as we continued working the next night with the Heartbreakers.

About a month later, I was driving when I heard a familiar song on the radio. Then, as the song progressed, I heard a blend of Tom and Stevie.

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It sounded like they were in the same room and had sung a duet together. Devon Allman covered the song in his debut album Turquoise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jimmy Iovine Tom Petty. Retrieved Retrieved 19 January BBC News.

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Stop Draggin' My Heart Around _ STEVIE NICKS with TOM PETTY and THE HEARTBREAKERS

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Even when the guitars and drums are trying to reign it in, the bassline is always spilling into everything else in this track, demanding our attention and drowning the arrangement in bottom-end bluster. Anyone who ever said that melody and metal can never unite in the same track without slipping into the pitfalls of excess needs to make a point of hearing this single, as the very notion of their ill-considered concept will be dismissed within the first thirty seconds of play.

As fat and full of vitality as the guitar parts are here, Black 9 seemingly go out of their way to reject virtuosity as a means of expressing their sonic potency, which is less than commonplace in their circles.